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About Butthan

Butthan Martial Art is a realistic system of self defence and modern form of safe sport with South Asian Heritage, said to be Noble Art of Stopping- Fight and Enlightenment. It is considered to be the modern day flag to revive the lost heritage of Martial Arts from the pages of world history, said to be ‘the noble art of stopping-fight and enlightenment’. ‘Butthan’ originally a Sanskrit word, also used in Bengali means defence with distinction and also defined as establishing the truth replacing the conventional.Butthan is actually a combined scientific approach to self defence personal development, based on ancient Indian sub-continental traditionally practiced systems, including YOGA and Vedic psychophysical development systems.

Three pillars of Butthan are:

       1. SPORTS                           2. SELF- DEFENSE                           3. WELL- BEING

With The Historical Progress Of Vedic Civilization The Creation Of A Methodical Strategy For The Art Of Self-Defense Evolved In To A Systematic Form And Was Religiously Nourished By The Warriors Of The Ancient India – The Mother Land Of Martial Arts.It is created in the light of Ancient Asian self defence systems like Vajra Musti, Burmese Thaing /Bando, Tebetan –Chinese Kenpo, Varma Kalai and other selected strategies and in combination with the Knowledge of Indian sub-continental Mental Training, Yoga , Siddah Medicine and Min Zin.

There are two major streamlines of Butthan Martial Art, one is the Combat Butthan & the other is Modern Sports Form and the practitioners wear customized Black and white uniforms respectively. The system is rooted in persuasion of Psychophysical challenges, Personal development, disciplined mind set, emphasizing realistic combat techniques, Safe training, Healthy life style, well-being and empowerment of life.

Butthan's five major field of education:

(1) Dhyan (Meditation and Mind Control)

(2) Atmaraksa (Self Defense and Competitive Sports)

(3) Sastra (Individual and Social Development Knowledge)

 (4) Sharir Charcha (Physical Training and Yoga)

(5) Kaushal (Strategy and Planning).

Butthan training include different skills and is a way of life development which enhances confidence, health, concentration, discipline, leadership, motivation, focus and provides many more long term benefits to help one to enjoy complete well-being and prosperity of life as a responsible global citizen. Butthan’s training plays an effective role to influence behavior of the children & youth groups positively and same time also contribute to improve the quality of lives as well and work to promote and sustain WISDOM, INTEGRITY, COURAGE, PERSEVERANCE,PEACE and eliminate discrimination, illiteracy in the society.

Apart from Self defence, Learning Butthan can actually directly contribute to any one’s life. One may learn to deal with FEAR and personal challenges practically and thus can be beneficial to everyone in general. it helps one to become a leader in Studies, Business, Job, Sports rather in Life in total.Butthan cultivates and enhances sense of integrity, leadership, self-confidence discipline, moral value, psycho-physical fitness, health, concentration etc as desired to fight against drugs, alcohol and similar harmful practices to attain a complete peaceful and graceful life.

Three Butthan principals success (TRI-CHARCHA) of Butthan are:

  1. Realistic Knowledge (Bastab Gyaan Aarjon)

  2. Psychophysical Challenge (Manodaihik Parishkha)

  3. Respect & Passion (SroddahNishulon).

Butthan developed based on Scientific principles of psychology, physiology, Anatomy, Trigonometry, logic and bio mechanics etc. As the world body World Butthan Federation WBF is promoting Butthan through different competition of hand techniques, weapons, forms and sometime breaking capabilities keeping personal & social wellbeing as a guideline.The Butthan enthusiasts & social development activists formed  this Foundation to promote the treasures of Butthan to all, with special focus on empowering youth, women & children, as well as to accelerate collective and social development and achieve harmony, through excellence in sports in consonance with the Olympic spirit.

Butthan Martial Art continues to contribute more and more for Personal development for Sound health and for world Peace.

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