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About Butthan

Butthan is a time honored heritage, a South Asian realistic system of self-defence , personal development and safe Sports, apparently called the Noble art of stopping-fight and Enlightenment. It produces physical, mental and spiritual balance, through a process of inculcating self-discipline and pragmatic restructuring of personal nature. Butthan is well renowned as a South Asian system of life development combining physical, mental and spiritual culmination. Butthan practice aims to attain psychophysical strength, indomitable spirit, healthy lifestyle and successful life.

The system of Butthan has the essence of knowledge and scientific principles of psychology, trigonometry, human anatomy, physiology, logic, human nervous system, Vajra pran,  siddha medical knowledge blended with selected self defence methods combining the arts like Varma Kalai, Bando, Vajramushti, Tibetan & Chinese Kempo, Ming Jing, Kalaripayattu, Bansahy, Lathi-khela and other selected strategies of the ancient Indian, Burmese and Tibetan Unarmed and Weapons systems. Butthan aims towards achieving a harmonious mind, body and a successful way of life. Butthanchariya’s (Butthan Practitioner) life forms a triangle with Sadhana (Endeavour), Praggya (Wisdom) and Saggya (Intuition).

Butthan Martial Art continues to contribute more and more for Personal development for Sound health and for world Peace.


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